Inspired by family recipes, herb gardens, and all things delectable and lovely, Butter + Love is the handiwork of Alison Walla – avid baker and lifelong enthusiast of the Domestic Arts.

But just how did b+l come to be, you ask? Well, she blames her mother, naturally.

You see, Alison grew up in the Midwest where her mother taught her at an early age that when one goes calling on one’s neighbors, one must always bring a little something along, and usually this “something” was deliciously homemade and thoughtfully packaged.

So when Alison settled into the charming neighborhood of Fort Greene, Brooklyn (after years spent living all over Manhattan and Queens) and began calling on her new urban neighbors, well, she simply couldn’t help herself - she showed up, baked goods in hand, each made from scratch item drawn from family recipes, carefully wrapped in parchment and tied with bits of twine or ribbon.

It didn’t take long for the recipients of her cookies (pies, tarts, cakes, whathaveyou…) to suggest that she sell her goods about town. It did, however, take a few months to convince her to take them seriously. b+l is the happy result of that convincing, and she couldn’t be more pleased to be able to share her deliciously homemade “somethings” with you…

(Thanks, Mom.)